Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Welcome to the Maginus Project

Welcome friends.  My name is Phil Lewis, and I'd like to introduce you to the Maginus Project.

The Maginus Project is a non-profit musical organization devoted to the recording of culturally-significant music overlooked by the commercial recording industry.  As a co-founder, I find it a privilege to have the opportunity to explore the hidden realms of music that exist beyond the relatively narrow offerings provided by the commercial music industry.  Our abiding principle is: music that is not recorded is lost. While academic and non-profit music organizations and venues often provide support for music composition and performance, our mission is focused exclusively on recording.

While it is understandable that the commercial music recording industry must respond to market forces and deliver profits to investors, the sad result for society is that an extraordinary amount of wonderful and significant music is lost in the process.

It is into this void that we seek to fulfill our mission of preserving the legacy of extraordinary artists and their work through the production of meticulously-produced sound recordings.  In many respects the Maginus Project's efforts are similar to those of a commercial music production company, however we do not retain any commercial interest in the recordings we produce -- the artists we sponsor are free to distribute their work as they see fit.  

How The Maginus Project Works

The production of professional-quality recordings is expensive and time consuming. By decoupling financial and administrative constraints from the creative process, we seek to promote and ensure the legacy of important music that might otherwise fade from memory.   

My co-founder Catherine Goldwyn and I are musicians ourselves with extensive experience shepherding the creative process from conception through completion, and we believe that our sponsored artists should retain full creative control of their projects. By assisting performers with the administrative and financial aspects of their projects, we ensure that artists can fully focus on their craft and realize their creative vision.

Through its support for recorded music, the Maginus Project is building a community of artists, recordists, philanthropists and, of course, music lovers that we believe will benefit for many generations.

I look forward to sharing our stories with you, and look forward to our musical dialogue.

-Phil Lewis, Executive Director of the Maginus Project

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